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Want to Earn Extra Money? Thinking of Becoming an Avon Representative? Or maybe you have read a few impressive success stories and are thinking of 'taking the plunge' and building a full time business as An Avon Sales Leader. Why not have a little read of some of our success stories here: SUCCESS STORIES

But now you have come across another dilemma whilst researching Avon: When Joining AVON you join a team so now the 6 million dollar question is: Whose team do you join?

Which brings me to the point of this blog. What can my team offer you to help you build your Avon Leadership business or your Avon representative business? Well here is a little bit of info about us to help you decide:  Join Avon. Join My Award Winning Avon Team, bbreps

First of all, what does becoming and Avon Representative entail?

As an Avon Representative you are promoting your business which is providing the customer with the opportunity to purchase a wide range of products for extremely competitive prices. Should you wish to become an Avon Sales Leader (and you can do this in your spare time, part time or full time, it's entirely up to you. We will give you top class support whichever way you want to work it, with us you can absolutely #workityourway)

Working with Avon you are self-employed however you will have the back-up of a global company which of course is AVON so I guess you could say you are working in partnership with Avon. In addition to this you should have the support and advice of the person that signs you up. That person, in the Avon world is referred to as your Up-line.

Our Avon Team. Avon Team BB Reps (we have also dubbed ourselves the A Team!)

Join Avon. Become and Avon Rep. Become and Avon Representative

We pride ourselves on providing first class support and training in addition to the first class training and support you get from Avon (which is substantial). Perhaps most importantly however we feel the simple fact is that

It is all about you: Your Avon business, Your Customers and Your Avon Team. We strongly believe that if we tailor your Avon business to suit you, then you cannot fail.

It's a simple concept but we believe this is the bottom line. We also have a very strong team spirit. We have fun. We all get along. We share ideas, stories, experiences and We Support One Another. Everyone brings something to the table.

One thing that is also an advantage to the team is that myself I'm a qualified trainer and qualified beauty therapist. I have years of experience training and supporting adults and teens teaching beauty therapy and life skills as well as years of experience recruiting and supporting successful self-employed Avon Reps and Avon Team Leaders. In my career as a therapist I have composed countless training packs and training manuals for my students so this helps hugely when composing the extensive free training material for our team. Join Avon. Become an Avon Rep

I have advanced qualifications in training and beauty. I share this knowledge and training with the team. BUT Between us we have years of experience in all walks of life and we share this knowledge. We all feel that this has played a major role in our success over the past few years. In 2015 we achieved Avon's prestigious "Team of the Year" to name just one of our many awards. For a bit about me, more info on our team achievements and what you could achieve click here: TEAMWORK   Join Avon. Become an Avon Rep

As a team, we share our successes and we celebrate one another's successes. We have regular meetings, regular bonuses and team exclusive awards. As well as team-exclusive training and training packages designed by qualified and experienced trainers.

But if you would rather go off and do your own thing, then that is fine too, after all we will always support you to #WorkItYourWay because in our team, it is ALL ABOUT YOU

So I guess that's it in a nutshell. If you want any more info please feel free to give me a call or message. I look forward to meeting you and helping you to take YOUR first step on your Avon journey!

Berni x

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