Become an Avon Team Leader


Build your own Avon Business in the UK

The Avon Growth Plan could be exactly what you're looking for if you want to run a full time business as a self employed affiliate marketer.  This business works well full time and part time, although it can be built more slowly in your spare time too.  

As an Avon Leader, you will be running your own Avon business by recruiting, training and supporting your own team of Avon Representatives. It’s completely flexible, you can work at your own pace and earn as much or as little as you would like.


You'll recruit team members who want to earn an extra income or earn a full time income. You will be appointing them as Avon Representatives where they can earn between 15% and 30% discount on their sales.  All Avon Reps will be automatically eligible to sign up new representatives and Earn Extra on their own Group Sales.  Some will want to bring along a friend/colleague into the business immediately where others may prefer to be an Avon Rep for a while before promoting themselves to leadership status.  Still others will be content with being an Avon Representative and perhaps not be interested in building a team. 


You can successfully find new Avon recruits through leaflets/flyers, shop ads, coffee mornings, recruitment stands, newspaper ads, shopping centres, door knocking, social networking, online advertising, purchasing from lead generation sites and more.  Apply to Become an Avon Representative here and you will get all the support and training you could ever need to help you grow a successful Avon business.

As an Avon Representative you Earn Commission on Your Sales......

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However You Can Also Earn Extra Commission when you bring someone else into the business.......

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Through time you may see Your Avon Team Growing and you will be Earning More Commission and Bonuses as you move further up the ladder......

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But That's Not All....... Growing Your AVON Team Even Further Will See You Reaching Ambassador Level where you will be Earning from Your Whole Team regardless of the generation........

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Team Bonus

Ambassador Level Leaders Earn additional Team Bonus (between 1 an 4.5%) on all generations depending on which level you are at

Average Earnings You Can Expect at Each Level*

Lead Representative:   £500

Leader:                          £1000

Advanced Leader:        £2500

Senior Leader:              £7500

Star Leader:                  £16000

Principal Leader:          £30000

Bronze Ambassador:    £60000

Silver Ambassador:      £100,000

Gold Ambassador:         £300,000

Platinum Ambassador:  £500,000

VIP Emerald Ambassador: £650,000

VIP Sapphire Ambassador: £1,000,000.00

VIP Diamond Ambassador: £2,000,000.00

*Annual Estimation based on assumptions

 Let us explain...

* G1 = Generation 1

* G2 = Generation 2

* G3 = Generation 3 etc.......

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require more information and/advice regarding this unparalleled multi level marketing opportunity: 07780 000796

Full Graph.....

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