Want To Make Your Business Plans Come True?

As a team leader I am often asked "does it really work though Avon?"

"My mum did Avon for a few extra pennies but that was it". Let me tell you at Avon we do not stand still. We have moved with the times and we are constantly evolving. We have team-exclusive apps, social media posting tools that do the work for you, online brochures, online stores as well as the traditional brochures. In short - yes Avon works if you do!!

That said, if you want to join up to do Avon to earn a few extra pennies/top up your income/get out and about meeting people then absolutely do it - if that's what you want, you will get it.

... BUT ... What if you want more ... As I did?

What if you want a full time business that will ultimately take over from your current job?

What if you want to hand your notice in and 'hit the ground running' to build yourself a fabulous new beautiful business?

What if you are fed up of the 9 till 5 grind (as I was) and you need something new and inspiring?

Believe Me when I say that All Of The Above are possible with Team BB in Avon UK.

Don't get me wrong, it won't just 'fall into your lap'. If you want to go full time, you go full time - at least until you have built your team up to the point where you can work part time (yes, I work the hours I want to WHEN I want to but I DID put the ground work in first!)

... HOW though? How Can I grow a decent full time business? Well the first thing you need to realise if you want to achieve great things in your business is that you will need to be CONSISTENT. Rome wasn't built in a day and to build a big business you will need a certain amount of resilience. I can help you out here with regular business meetings, meet-ups, chats if you get fed up etc....

Consistency sounds easy but actually you will have days when you can't be bothered to get up at 6.30 or 7.30 or whatever time you have decided you should start your day and follow that routine. These are the things you have to work hard at. It's often the little thing that will make all the difference. If you are self-employed it's all too easy to say "OK I'll have today off and make up for it tomorrow". Once you are established after a few years you probably can do that but NOT when you are first starting out. Not if you want to grow a BIG BUSINESS. There is an old saying "Successful Network Marketers do the hard work no one is prepared to do for the first 4 years in order to achieve an income many will never achieve for the rest of their lives" And it is true!

The next thing is PERSISTENCE. Sounds easy right? But the bottom line is that you could have days when you have proposed your business opportunity to 10 people and they have all said NO! Days when people don't pick up the phone even though they said "Yes I want to do this". But Guess What?

NO is Just A Word and every single NO brings you closer to your YES. You will also have days when 5 out of 10 people say YES, maybe more and that is just how it goes. It's important to see it for what it is. If someone isn't interested in joining your team, it's a NOT TODAY, it's not a NO. If I had a £1 for every person that said NO to me but changed their mind a year later because their circumstances had changed I would be a millionaire!!! The same is true of your sales. Offer your brochure/store link/brochure link to everyone and anyone. Not everyone will be interested but why deny people of the opportunity if it could make all the difference to them? It could be just what they're looking for....

It is key to just keep on moving. Like Dory in Nemo! Just keep swimming and you will get there.

I GUARANTEE that if you are consistently keeping to the system I give you in a persistent manner you WILL succeed. How can you not? I have been in this business for 11 years. I've seen them come and I've seen a small handful go, and one thing I can tell you for sure is that the only people that fail are those that give up too soon... my old up line ... she nearly hit the level she craved... and she would have if she had stayed just 2 month longer ... when she left I hit the next level in my business which would have pushed her up ... she gave up too soon!!

The real beauty for me of working with Avon however is that you are offering people an EARNING OPPORTUNITY..... ANYONE CAN GIVE IT A GO (over 18). I think I have been so successful because I truly believe in it and that belief and positivity shines through when I talk about it ... It is a unique earning opportunity like no other... I have people in my team who are 80 and just want to bring in a little extra cash and get their xmas pressies easily ... I have people in my team who are working on the business full time and have grown themselves a huge business that now gives them a virtual residual income even though they now do much less hours (they put the work in in the early days) ... I have people in my team who work full time and Avon is bringing in extra money for the family and they are working towards making Avon their full time job so that they don't miss out on their children growing up... still others who are very poorly and Avon has given them an opportunity to earn their own money that the 'traditional' work place could not and would not offer them .... yet more who just enjoy it and enjoy the products. It is really what you make it.... I think that is another secret to my success ... My team members run their own business they way they want to ... but I am here to help if needed ...

So in short .... Want to know how to grow a successful, thriving, beautiful business?

Get in touch and I will SHOW you how to get started on your very own exciting Avon journey.....

Berni Broadley,

Team BB,

Avon UK

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