How Do I Become an Avon Representative?

Many people ask me this question so I thought it would be a good idea to pop some up-to-the-minute info down here in a blog.

So How Do You Become an Avon Rep?

Well firstly you would need to Apply to Become A Rep. You can do this here and we will get back in touch to run you through all the benefits.

Briefly, when you sign up as an Avon Rep these days you can start earning straight away! You no longer have to wait for your Avon brochures before you can start promoting your Avon business. You can now Sell Avon Online!

Simply share the link to your online store/online brochure and your customers can pay at the checkout and Avon will make the delivery to your customer for you!  Your customer even gets free delivery if their order is £20 or more in total!! 

You can see above the commission levels.

You don't even have to pay upfront.

You only pay Avon once you've taken payment from your customers!!

Why not get in touch for more information (no obligation of course!)

Speak to you soon, Berni x

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