How to sell Avon

I know YOU can sell! How do I know this?

Well let me give you a couple of reasons to start you off with.

Remember that beautiful dress you wore to the Christmas party? Were you able to tell your friend which shop you got it from?

Remember that gorgeous new perfume you wore last month? Did you tell your friends where you got it from - and did they then go and buy it?

Remember when your friend asked you where you got your hair done and she then, after you telling her - went and booked herself in at the same place?

Are you getting the picture?

You would recommend a shop without giving it a 2nd thought (that, by the way don’t pay you for recommending them) and that hair salon - and that perfume - selling is no different - you’re simply offering people a service - recommending a product and/or products that everyone loves - In fact I bet you’ll find that once you’ve put the word out there that you’re selling Avon there’ll be lots of ‘ooh - Avon - yes please - I haven’t seen a book for ages!’

Once you find customers - guess what? Their mum, sister, aunt, uncle - are all potential customers for you!

Add to all this the fact the AVON really does sell itself, then if you want to Earn Extra Money, it really is a no brainer to give us a try!

What’s more ... you can now sell AVON entirely online so if you’re not keen on using the brochures, simply share your online shop. Avon also provide you with stunning images and videos to help you promote yourself online!

For more hints and tips go to Top Tips

Hope you found this useful,

Berni x

Want More Information & Support? Or just want to find out how to Join Avon? Give me a call on 07780 000796 or drop me a line here:

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