Success..... What does it look like to you?

What does success look like to you?

What's the ideal job?

One where you can work from home and don't have to get childcare?

Or do you prefer the toil and grind of the old 9 till 5, getting into the office, making a cuppa and chatting to your work colleagues?

For me success is building a great business that allows me to finance everything I want for my family and myself (and of course my horse!!) whilst still having time left over to enjoy the fruits of my labour!

One of the most important 'tools' if you like that I've used to achieve my success is being consistently persistent in my pursuit of it!!

What do I mean by that?

Well, look at the Honey Bee for example. The worker bees go out every day to find nectar to bring home to the nest to make honey. Success to the worker bee is finding the nectar and bringing it home. If he didn't do this every single day, guess what? No nectar, no honey, unsuccessful hive.

Business Building in our business is kinda the same.

We have two hats. One hat is responsible for making sales and achieving good sales, thereby leading by example. The other hat (if you choose to wear it) is leadership and recruitment. We need to recruit people regularly and teach them how to do what we are already doing (selling) successfully.

There's no mystery to what we do in fact. Often we try to over-complicate it but it is really that simple. What we sometimes neglect to do is be persistent in our work.

We should be doing something Every Single Day to help us build towards our goal even if for you this is a 'side gig' doing something EVERY SINGLE DAY WILL grow you a successful business. Maybe today could be your day for advertising. Tomorrow your day for chasing those ads up, the next day a day for going out and about looking for new recruits on a stall/stand or maybe dropping brochures.....

Why not promise yourself to do at least ONE thing every single day to contribute towards the SUCCESS of YOUR BUSINESS? Your Future Self Will Certainly Thank You For It!!

We could have small short term goals with an eye on the "prize" (our long term goal) but one thing is for sure, it's unlikely to just 'drop in your lap' and you will most likely need to plan to get there.......

It doesn't even really matter how fast or slow we are moving, as long as we are moving......

So.... with that in mind, what are you doing today to build towards your own personal storyboard of success?

For me today my 'Tuesday Things' are doing a blog, having 1 to 1 meetings with business advisors and team members and contacting new team members to see how they are doing and whether or not they need my support. More than one thing I know but this is my full time job so I have the luxury of choosing my own hours and my own pace.......

Have a great day,

Berni x

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