I am a Wife and Mother and a qualified HR Professional, I worked in Local Government for 25 years and in May 2013 I made a very big decision to leave a relatively secure senior position and also the only employment and working environment that I had ever really known.  Since then my Avon business has grown from strength to strength and I have enjoyed a great deal of success as an Avon sales leader with huge support from my up-line Berni Broadley.


Angie Simmonds

I have been with Avon now as a Representative and a Sales Leader since 2012 and really enjoy what I do, giving people an opportunity to build their own business and be independent. I had to leave my full time job due to being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia/CFS so being a Sales Leader is perfect for me as I am able to work as and when I am able and concentrate on my Avon business where I manage a team of Sales Leaders and Avon Reps. I am able to work flexible hours to suit me and I am so lucky to be in Berni's team as I am fully supported all the time and she is always there for me! I have met some fantastic people and I get to spend quality time with my little girl where childcare is no longer an issue

Sharon Tooze

Two years ago I was unemployed and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. My dad, of all people, suggested I join Avon UK. It was the best decision I've ever made. I now have a good base of clients who buy from me each campaign as well as taking extra orders on my behalf from their family and friends! My mum takes the books in to her work and I always have orders from them, too. I’ve gone from having no job and no money to a lifestyle I never dreamed I could live.

Julie Webster

I used to be an AVON area manager and in January decided to leave and join sales leadership. I looked at a lot of different sales leaders to see who's team I wanted to join and Berni's story really inspired me and I decided hers was the team for me! I have not looked back since, achieving advanced co-ordinator in my 1st campaign. Berni is always there for advice and training no matter when I call. Best decision I have ever made. I am proud to be a part of Berni's team.


Cheri Webb

Berni broadly is the backbone of our avon team; helping us to achieve and build sales with her massive optimism and ease.

Linda Morgan

Joining Berni's Avon team was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is so supportive of me and has been great in helping me build my business.

Lauren Wheeler

I had joined Avon once before and left as I didn't get the support I needed. When I joined Berni's team I never looked back! She motivates me and is constantly giving me tips to make my business grow!! Thank you!!

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Sonia Sutton

I have been with Avon now as a Representative and a sales leader since 2019.
I really enjoy it - meeting new people who want to start there own business like I have with Avon.

Being a Sales Leader has really helped me emotionally and physically.
I am still able to work and contribute to my house hold income despite being a busy mum.

I can run my Avon business and manage my team of sales leaders and representatives from my sofa!

The support and encouragement I have from Berni Broadley is second to none.

Berni has really helped me build my business into what it is today.

The training and level of support we get in this team goes above and beyond.

I've been in multi level marketing teams before but this team really is the best!

We are a team in the true sense of the word.  We all help and advise each other.  We all share our different strengths and that's what team work is all about. 
I am truly blessed to be part of such a supportive avon team

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Laura Henderson

Having always felt a calling to have a role where I wanted to be able to help others whilst earning money, I applied to become an Avon rep and within a month, became a Sales Leader. With the amazing support from my up-lines, Marie Wenham and Berni Broadley plus working in partnership with other Sales Leaders in Berni's Team, I have very rapidly built my team up and have not looked back since.


I have also made some wonderful friends - this team has a great team spirit - and during lockdown this has increased my Social Interaction with Zoom calls, Team Calls and Social Media.   


The feeling of being a rep and selling quality products to customers is amazing.   Also, encouraging my team and getting messages asking for support and also excitement for orders is simply wonderful.   


I may well be a Leader but first and foremost, I am a mentor to my amazing team and part of the wider Berni's Prestige Avon Team within our wonderful Avon Family.

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