About My Avon Success

My name is Bernadette Broadley and I am an Independent Executive Avon Sales Team Leader.

Since 2010 I have recruited, trained and supported a team of some of Avon UK's most successful Avon Representatives and Sales Leaders.  10 years ago, I founded Avon's Team Prestige Reps and Leaders.  We are Beauty Reps and Leaders but also much more as Avon sell so much more than just Beauty Products.  We have men and women working on our team and I am super proud of my amazing Team Prestige. #teamprestige 


Before starting my amazing Avon business, I was working as a Beauty Therapy & Holistic Therapy Teacher and Trainer but I was looking for a new direction. I decided to Join Avon UK and become an Avon Sales Leader as well as an Avon Representative.


I have been completely bowled over by how much my business and my team member's own businesses have grown since.  All of the Avon Sales Leaders and Avon Representatives in my team enjoy more and more success the longer they work with Avon. We are always looking out for new Avon Representatives and Avon Team leaders to join us.   We pride ourselves on giving excellent support and training to everyone in our Avon team, no matter how large or small they would like their Avon businesses to be. You can go at your own pace.  I believe that this is one of the main cornerstones of why our team has enjoyed phenomenal growth and amazing success over the last 7 years.  We won't pressure you to hit targets (unless you want us to) we just support you and allow you to run your Avon business your way.  Want to Earn a Little Extra for Christmas?  Want to be 'left alone' to 'do everything yourself?  Want lots of support and advice and training? That's all great!  Want to 'hit the ground running' and build a huge business like I have?  That's fabulous too!  Whatever you choose to do we will be behind you every step of the way. So. Essentially you 'Work it Your Way'.   Within our team, we have enjoyed being awarded for our successes by Avon UK, who always look after and appreciate their Representatives and Sales Leaders.  As a member of our Avon Team, you will also be awarded with gifts and prizes for milestones you achieve within the team as well as the awards and prizes Avon give you simply for doing your job. 


We firmly believe "It's all about you and your journey".  Because essentially it is.  So join Avon UK's fastest growing and most highly decorated Team of sellers and enjoy your very own Avon success story, whatever direction you would like it to take you.  

The Team

In 2012 we at Berni's Prestige Reps were awarded the top performing Avon team in the UK in our category. In 2013, once again, we won the top performing Avon team with the highest overall increase in Sales - a massive 400% growth compared to the previous year. We were also awarded the fastest growing Avon team in our category of 2013.

We went on to win Avon awards for growth and commitment once again in 2014.  We’ve been recognised for being one of the highest performing Avon teams in the UK for 4 consecutive years. Last year we were awarded Avon UK’s prestigious Team of the Year 2015 as well as being recognised for our high level of sales, recruitment and team leader successes.  Once again in 2016 we are very proud to say that we have been recognised as being one of the top teams in the Country, being in the top 4 of the highest selling and fastest growing teams.    We just keep building on our success year on year.  It is so exciting.

2017 update:  Just to add to this amazing AVON testimonial our Avon team has swept the board this year at our yearly regional awards.  Once again, we had the highest team growth and the largest group sales growth on our previous year, as well as the highest overall team sales.  Not only in my direct AVON team but across all 3 generations, so we must be doing something right!  Please get in touch if you would like a no obligation chat about how to join our Elite Team of Leaders and Representatives and start to grow your own success story today. 

2018 saw the Avon team gain awards once again, winning an award for being a contender for the annual top 15 achievers holiday (the top 15 sales leader teams are awarded this accolade yearly) and prizes and certificates for Sales Leader growth and also some team members being awarded for their dedication to training and their swift progress.  We are really looking forward to what 2019 will bring.  

2019 was spent building and growing our team once again, with awards for recruitment, for supporting our teams well and for achieving more growth.  Many team members winning all expenses trips courtesy of Avon to Tenerife,  Paris and London.

2020 started with a fabulous bang!!  3 of our Team leaders winning an all expenses paid holiday to Marrakech!  2 of us winning Gucci necklaces and personalised photos.  3 of us winning a champapgne reception!   Myself winning an all expenses paid holiday to South Africa courtesy of Avon UK.  What an awesome 2020 we are going to have here at Avon UK's Team Prestige Leaders #prestigeleadersUK #trust #believe #achieve

 You Too Can Earn Unforgettable Awards. Since I decided to join Avon UK, I have won some amazing prizes!  These awards have included fabulous holidays to Marrakech, Tenerife, The Algarve and in 2015 an unforgettable trip to New York - staying at the Waldorf Astoria!  In May 2017 I headed off to beautiful Seville for another all-expenses paid holiday.  In 2020 I am heading off to South Africa for another all expenses paid trip to include a Safari and a stay in Cape Town.  I literally cannot believe the success and financial security being an Avon Sales Leader has given me!  Not to mention the £1,750.00 worth of shopping vouchers, the Louis Vuitton Travel bags, a £500 gift certificate, £300 gift certificate, trophies and certificates, a range of seasonal Avon bonuses, free Avon products, gala dinners, meals - the list is endless.  I can't quite believe how exciting this Avon journey actually is and it's still unfolding.    These awards are open to you and in fact, anyone who achieves with Avon.  I am known within the business for always saying "If I Can Do It, So Can You"   What other company gives you such fantastic awards just for doing your job?!  It's amazing!


If you would like to join my award-winning team, no matter how small or big your goals are, you can be sure you'll get all the advice and support you need. Apply here and we will be in touch very soon, normally within 24 hours.  And as a Bonus, ALL Avon Reps are  eligible to benefit from great discounts via our very own trade magazine.

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