How to Be A Successful Avon Representative 

Your Road To Success simplified with the help of some of Avon UK's most successful Avon Representatives

So you have signed up to Be An Avon Representative.  Are you looking for tips on how to be one of those really successful Avon Reps you keep hearing about?  Look no further.  Our Avon Team has some of the most successful people in the business at your disposal to give you support, advice and encouragement as you begin your exciting journey with Avon.  

Here are some tips we've gathered together on how to fit your business around your lifestyle:


Firstly you need to "work smart not hard".  It's worth making the effort to put the extra work in when you're first starting out.  This will make your job easier further down the line and will help you to build up your customer base very early on.

Rep Learning Hub: Avon have recently set up the Rep Hub,  this can be accessed via your personal Avon Website and your Avon App (Avon On).  Go to the Learning Hub and do all the training and this will really help you promote your business as well as give you lots of information about the products you are selling.  If you do nothing else please please complete Avon's 90 day training.  You will find so much advice and support on here to help you grow a really thriving Avon business.

Selling Avon Online

You don't have to have a computer or lap top, its really easy to promote your AVON business online via your phone or tablet!   Look for the Avon App that makes it even easier to run your Avon biz from your phone. It's called Avon On. 

Some  people 'shy away' from this option thinking it might be too complicated or losing heart when people don't jump on their first advert promoting their Avon business.  This is a mistake.  It is actually really easy to set up your online shop.  If you're in doubt, contact your up-line (the person who signed you up) and they can guide you through it.  It's fun to use too.  Avon provide easy links, ads, videos etc to help you promote your online store.  



Selling AVON Online Is as Easy as 123...

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If you haven't already set your shop up the first thing you need to do is to log in to your Avon Representative account and click on the box that is offering to set your store up.  There is then a 5 step process to follow.  The first step is to name the store.  Try to keep the name short and snappy.  All of our Avon Online Stores start with   It is then up to us to name the store.  So for example I named my store Bernadette.  So my online store name is  You may find that your chosen name has been taken so you might have to play around with names before you get one you want.   

avon, join avon, become an avon rep

So once you have named your store, there are 4 other steps to take.  Make sure you save as you go along.  When you get to the bottom of the page you can click on the button that publishes your store and that's it!  You are live!  On this part of your website you have lots of links to click on to help you share your store and your store ads.  You don't need to remember your store name because there is a facility on your site to click on Share My Store and this will automatically post your store onto facebook for you and you can then get sharing on selling sites etc. 

Set up an Avon Facebook Group and then invite all of your facebook friends to join it.  Then simply post promotional material on there to help everyone see the great range of products you have on offer.  It's important to pop interactive posts on this group so that people find it interesting and want to visit it and get notifications for it so don't bombard your group with too many selling posts.  Try to do interesting things like live demos, raffles etc.  Try to add funny quotes etc.  Keep the group interactive and vibrant and your group posts will show up in your members newsfeeds more often.  Think 80-20% ratio of non-selling to selling posts.  If you can get people buying from your Online store you will see an increase in your takings so it's a no brainer really to set up a facebook customers group.  Make your customers feel special and call it your VIP customers group

avon, join avon UK, become an avon rep, avon login
avon, join avon, join avon UK, become an avon rep

It will take time to build up a customer base and to stimulate interest you should re-post images with the link regularly on lots of different selling sites as well as on your Avon facebook page.  It is important to promote your Avon Online Shop on other social media platforms as well as face book if you want to get the best out of your Avon business.  Twitter and instagram are incredibly popular social networking platforms particularly with the younger generation. 

We now have a FANTASTIC new tool called Avon Social.  Make sure you take full advantage of this amazing time saving tool!! 

Think about the time of day you post too.  When are the social networking sites likely to be the most busy for example.  The other beauty of promoting your Avon Online Shop is that people can buy direct from your online store and you will still get the commission.  So you can watch your Avon sales increase month on month simply by promoting yourself online!  

Covering Roads Locally 

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No doubt when you think of Avon you think of the traditional image of the Avon lady going door to door with her brochure.  Although times have now changed allowing you to Sell Avon pretty much however it suits you, this option is still available and if you have the time it is a good idea as people still love the traditional Avon brochures.


"This can be really rewarding through time, particularly if you are a sociable person.  You get to know your neighbours and can make some firm friends along the way.  I know I have."   

(Janine, Ardrossan)


When you first start out, to save time, it's wise to invest in extra Avon brochures so that you can get around your local area as quickly as possible so that you can determine who is a potential customer and who is not.  Don't expect immediate results.  Although some people do get a great response from day 1 it is likely you will have to build your customer base when covering houses locally.


It's a great idea to compose a little note to pop in with your Avon brochure.  It could read something like this:


Hi!  I'm your new local AVON Representative.  I hope you enjoy browsing through my brochure.  You will find something for everyone from children's shampoo to gent's watches.  Please leave the brochure out side for me to collect on ....DATE.... Even If You Are Not Interested.   I do need the brochure back to recycle.

Please put a tick next to the below statement so that I don't bother you again if you aren't interested.

Interested in seeing another brochure    

Not interested in seeing another brochure

Already have an Avon Rep

Thank you for taking the time to read this note.   Berni x 

Whatever you decide to go with make it short and get the point across early in the text that you NEED THE AVON BROCHURE BACK.   Putting the two options in and telling them you need to recycle the Avon brochures gives them 2 good reasons to return them to you even in they're not interested.  Also, popping a note in makes your potential Avon customer see that you are professional and that you care about your business. Remember to try to see yourself through your potential customer's eyes.  Make sure you fill in the order form correctly. 


Cover your whole area at least 3 times before you decide whether it is working for you or not.  Research suggests that many people will wait until you have been back at least once or twice before they order from you.  Others will only make small orders until they have confidence that you will be back with their order.  

One-Stop Dropping 
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Many successful Avon Representatives cover their Avon territory/roads using a system we have called "one stop selling".  It saves time and saves you taking additional trips out collecting your Avon brochures etc.  The diagram shows how it works.  

It generally works better with established customers and since the Avon brochure now lasts for a whole month works when you have a large number of customers so at least 30 or 40 people on your round, however if you invest in additional Avon brochures, there's no reason why you can't start doing it one or two campaigns in to your business and it will certainly impress potential customers if you're this organised and after a couple of campaigns if they're not already buying from you they soon will be! 

So basically, on visit 1 you collect the previously dropped Avon brochure and give them the next brochure.  When you go back to deliver the products they have ordered from visit 1, you collect the brochure 2 and leave the brochure 3 together with the bonus brochure. So you are basically saving yourself a journey but also ensuring that your customers have a constant supply of brochures so that they can order their Avon from you at any time and are not waiting for the next brochure.  And now, of course, you can put the address of your online store on the back of your brochures so that they can order extra bits and pieces from you direct and not wait until your Avon order day.

It is now very important to put your order in as early in the month as you can so that you can ensure your customers get access to the monthly bonus brochure. 

A big thank you to the team for sharing these amazing tips.  If you're reading this, we wish you all the very best with your Avon business.  You're welcome to get in touch if you want any more tips x