I'm Looking For More Serious Business Builders to Join My Award Winning AVON Team

This month marks the start of the biggest bonus ever offered by the company I currently work in partnership with, Avon cosmetics UK. Anyone wanting to build a team of Avon Representatives is starting at absolutely the best ever time if you choose to Join Us Now!

Avon are offering all new team leaders the opportunity to Earn £60 per new team member PLUS the chance to also achieve £65 on top of this...... that's £125 per new person they sign up!!

This is the biggest incentive I have ever witnessed.... it is absolutely amazing!! Here is a diagram giving a brief overview of the staggering financial rewards you can achieve if you decide to become an Avon Sales Leader this month with our Avon Team BB.

Apply Here and we will help you 'hit the ground running' in growing a very successful Avon Team!

See you on the other side!! xx

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