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Would You Like To Work For Yourself?
Apply Here and You Can Start Today Working as a Marketing Affiliate in partnership with a Global Company that has been around for over 130 years!  This line of work is also sometimes referred to as Multi level Marketing (or MLM) but with Avon it is so much more than that.
Our Company offers your potential customers a very wide range of products, many of these products are award-winning, exclusive to Avon and household names such as Skin So Soft and Far Away Perfume to mention just two.

Let Me Explain the Reality of working in partnership with this Company:

Once upon a time, an ambitious lady entered a successful well known store with a good reputation. She walked up to the owner and said, "I am VERY impressed with your establishment - I’d like to start working here and build a career. I promise I will work hard and do a great job. In return, all I ask for is the following:

"First, I’d like 15-30% profit on everything I sell. Then if I bring in and train new people, I think I deserve a percentage of everything that they sell. I want free gifts of product for doing my job. I want up to 80% staff discount on some products and also when you introduce a new range I want to see it exclusively before the general public AND I want you to give me the opportunity to buy it at at least 50% discount."

The owner starts to interrupt her, but she cuts him off.

"I haven't finished yet" she says. "Now, when I do well in this job, I expect to receive plenty of praise and recognition from you. I want more gifts. I want you to take me away on an all expenses paid holiday and treat me like a VIP. And because I hate doing the 9-to-5 scene I want to work hours that suit me, not you and where I can put my family first."

Well the store owner just looked at the lady and said, "Lady, you can’t be serious? You’re living in a Dream World. You’ll never find any company offering something like that, WAKE UP!

Guess what? He is wrong. There is a company like that and it's called AVON.


Personally I joined Avon 11 years ago and within 5 years was earning more than I had every dreamed I could possibly earn.  More than a qualified teacher, engineer, even more than some accountants - all of whom have been to University accumulating debt to do a 'job' where they would earn less than me!!  All I did was an apprenticeship with The Business Builders Team within Avon and gave myself a hefty wage rise every couple of months until I am now at the point where I am Earning more than I could ever have imagined.  What would YOU say to £10,000 per month?  OK, I had to build up to that point but put in the hours and you will reap the rewards.


You will be able to offer your potential customers a range of home life & style products such as tablecloths, picnic blankets, towels.  You'll also be able to offer them items such as glasses, water bottles and ethical dining tools, not to mention pyjamas, clothing, costume jewellery, designer handbags and watches.   We sell slippers, sandals and shoes as well as boots and great gift ideas for special occasions such as father's day, mothers day etc.....  We are the NUMBER ONE Fragrance brand in the UK......  On top of all this we offer a wide range of makeup and skincare, much of which is innovative and award winning.  For example we were the first company in the world to harness AHA's in skincare!  

What's in it for you?   Well you can currently join for just £1 and you will start earning from the very first £1 worth of products that you sell.  

Avon UK offers a comprehensive training programme run by our phenomenal UK training team.  The training is in bite sized chunks, very user friendly and you can win awards and free products just for doing it!    Add to this the fact that if you join here with Avon's Team B B you will have access to additional training and loads of fun challenges and awards as well as great team exclusive incentives.  We are also one of the fastest growing and most highly awarded teams in Avon UK so we must be doing something right!

The Only Qualifications you need are: 

You need to be over 18 (credit agreement is necessary)


That's it!!  Full Training is given and ongoing support should you need it!!  There is even possibility for promotion should you want to Earn More and Grow Your Business Further - all that with FREE training also!!  Sound too good to be true?  Well it isn't and Guess What?  you have nothing to lose by giving it a try!!  Contact Me Today for more information:  Contact Berni