We’re in the Money....

..... in the Money Saving Expert Guide that is. So if you were ever in doubt about Avon providing you with a legitimate earning opportunity just check out Martin Lewis’ website. Here’s a clip:

I would just like to add that you can now promote your Sales online as Avon now also provide you with your very own online shop. And to elaborate a little on his comment at the bottom of the article about Avon Sales Leadership. Becoming an Avon sales leader can ultimately provide you with a full time income. I have carved out a lucrative full time career with Avon via my sales leadership business, so it’s not just about earning extra pennies. I would say this is the beauty of avon (pardon the pun!). It really is what you make it. You really can #workityourway.

ApplyHere to find out more

Berni xx

#joinavon #BecomeanAvonRep

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