Working  From Home in 2018

No more obligatory door to door rounds with brochures. You don’t even have to drop the products off these days!  In a constantly changing world it’s vital for long established companies to keep up and evolve.  

Very few companies understand this better than the direct selling giant AVON cosmetics.  It’s no accident that we’ve been around for over 130 years and are still going strong.  To ensure the Earning Opportunity AVON offers is still open to all, Avon have kept the traditional Avon brochure format with its scented pages that we all know and love from our child hood, whilst evolving and changing to meet the needs of the constantly changing market forces.  

Avon want their earning opportunity to be an opportunity for all.  Whilst proud of the banner ‘Avon, the company for women’ because of all the great charities Avon support worldwide, we are also the company for everyone with our earning opportunities that are open to all as Avon Representative and Avon Sales Leaders.  Those who prefer to work solely from home from behind a computer now can with the advent of the Avon online shop.  What if you want to work from your phone? Yes you can do that too with the new look Avon 2018.

 No more ‘order day’ Now your customers can order from you and get delivery withina couple of days. 

They can even opt for Avon to make the delivery.... and the best bit? YOU still get the commission!  

Want to know more about the fantastic changes going on behind the scenes at AVON UK? 

Drop me a line or Enquire Here

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Berni x

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