How do I Become an Avon Rep?

Obviously this is a question I get asked a lot!  Well it's a lot easier than you may think to Become an Avon Rep.  Firstly you'll need to Apply Here.   We pride ourselves on giving unparalleled support and training to every single one of our Avon Representatives and Leaders however big or small you want your business to be.   We are all passionate about this business and what it can offer anyone wanting to get involved. 

Once you've filled in our 'quick apply' form you'll receive a call/text from one of our highly trained and committed Avon leaders who will guide you through how to get your account number and starter pack.  We will then show you how to find customers, how to sell and how to set up your online store as well as giving you extensive training and your very own personal Avon site, online store, online brochure and even your very own Representative exclusive app.   You don't need any qualifications - all you need is to be 18 or over and we'll help you with the rest!!     As a member of Avon UK's Team BB you will enjoy lots of support, camaraderie and even opportunities to win holidays, freebies and much much more.... the holiday currently up for grabs is an all-expenses-paid trip to Canada in 2022.....

Sound too good to be true?  Well it actually isn't!!  From Customers to Representatives to Leaders, Avon has something to offer everyone which is probably why we are so passionate about the Earning Opportunity Becoming an Avon Rep gives you. 

From the very first product you sell, you are earning commission.  You may find it hard to believe but you can earn up to 32% commission on products that you don't pay one penny for until your customers have paid you.  It really is a fabulous earning opportunity when you think about it!  How many self employment opportunities out there offer no financial risk to yourself?  I can't think of any other than the Avon Opportunity which is one of the reasons I am so passionate about the fabulous Earning Opportunity Avon UK Offers to Every single adult.

You'll also get FREE training, a FREE online social media posting tool that basically does all the online promotion for you plus the opportunity to progress to higher earnings if you wish to take advantage of our sales leadership programme which again is another fabulous earning opportunity.  All you need for that is a ton of enthusiasm and a willingness to learn!!  Whether you want to drop and ship, sell from the brochures, sell online, build a team or simply get out and about meeting new people, Avon has something to offer you!!  

There really is Something for Everyone with Avon. 
Sound good to you?  Apply Here Today

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