Summer is finally here! Time to stock up on your Avon Suncream but that's not all.....

So Summer is Finally Here! And with it comes the need to use a good Sunscreen. Did you know that Avon Suncreams protects you from both UVA and UVB rays? Avon offers a really wide range of suncreams too, with lots of different protection factors. Ranging from factor 15 to factor 50. And what's more, investing in a few of these sun creams won't break the bank! We offer suncreams for everyone. You will even find a tinted one for the little ones to protect them as they run around and play by the pool.

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If you find choosing the right suncream for you a bit of a nightmare, maybe I can help. As a qualified Beauty Therapist I will always recommend that you use a high protection suncream of at least factor 15 but if you have sensitive skin I would go even higher. You will still get a colour without any of the ageing and damaging effects of the Sun's rays.

I use and highly recommend Avon's new pure and sensitive SUN+ SPF 50 for face and body. It goes on really well and gives you first class protection. If you would rather use a lower protection, try avon's factor 15. Avon also offer a convenient spray-on sun screen in both factors 15 and 30.

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Although I do recommend always using factor 25+ on face, neck and décolletage. These areas are sensitive and will show signs of premature ageing if you don't protect them.

Avon's wide range of sunscreens and after sun treatments means that your Avon Representative will have something for everyone in your family. And of course don't forget to take your Avon Skin So Soft Dry Oil Body Spray away with you. Well known for repelling midges and horseflies it is also known to be an effective mosquito repellant!

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And remember that your Avon Representative will have loads of other products for helping you to enjoy the summer. From Products to enjoy in your garden to Sun hats, fashionable 'designer' Sunglasses and hold-alls for your trips abroad.

Watch this space for more blogs about some of our fabulous Garden products, or simply ask your Avon Rep for a brochure today.

If you want to know more about how to Become an Avon Representative you can Join Avon here: or why not just give me a call (UK 07780 000796) and I will explain to you How You too Can Join Avon and get exclusive discounts on your Avon products, and if you like what you hear, I can get you started in just 10 minutes!

Berni x

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