Best Anti-ageing Skincare? It has to be Anew

Avon UK are no strangers to the admiration of the media, but there's one product that seems to create quite a stir among beauty experts and that's the incredibly effective Anew Range.

Only very recently have we seen leading skincare connoisseur, Alice Smellie, rave about the E-Defence range in the Daily Mail and Mail Online.

In her article, Smellie goes on to discuss how we can protect our precious skin from the nasties in pollution, reviewing each product, including Avon's ANEW range, and by working alongside dermatologist and medical director of Eudelo Clinic, Dr Stefanie Williams, to give a completely unbiased, honest opinion.

The expert verdict? Read it for yourself:

"This Avon lotion contains a mix of various antioxidants that includes green tea,' says Dr Williams.'There are also plenty of polyphenolic flavonoids that have a range of anti-inflammatory properties. Broad spectrum SPF 50 is a bonus.'There is some evidence the antioxidants in green tea may help to scavenge free radicals,' says Dr Allan. The SPF in the day and antioxidant at night will boost this product's effectiveness."

Is this any surprise? Well, no. Avon UK are known for their effective skincare ranges, ANEW being one of the most popular with not only Avon, but the entire anti-ageing market.

Anew really does manage to live up to its claims.

Read some more reviews of the UK's number one bestselling Avon skincare range:

Check out leading cosmetics and skincare review site, View Points, where independent reviewers have given the Avon Anew range 4.5 out of 5 stars for effectiveness, with 97% saying they would recommend Anew to a friend!

The Daily Mail continued with their passion for all things Anew and gave a 'glowing' review for Avon's Anew Clinical Pro-line Corrector treatment.

Why don't you treat yourself to one of Avon's Anew starter sets and see the results for yourself?

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Love Berni XX

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