Avon Incentives: The Benefits that say WOW!

The benefits of working for Avon have never been better. Launching Avon's WOW Benefits, which are exclusive to Avon Representatives and five of their friends, means that you can earn £25 worth of WOW Points when you recommend a friend to Avon and a further £90 of products, too - ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Join Avon, Avon UK,

Avon WOW Benefits

If that doesn't sound good enough, for a limited time only Avon are offering an amazing 2500 FREE WOW Points to any Avon Representative, no matter if you are an established Representative or if you join Avon UK today!

What are you waiting for?

With Avon WOW Benefits, you and your selected friends can shop for savings with over 3000 top brands.

You can enjoy spending your WOW Benefits as soon as you place your first order with Avon.

It's so easy!

Here's how you can get started on the road to Avon's WOW Benefits:


Once you have joined Avon UK as an independent Avon representative you can set up your own WOW Benefits account. Simply login to your personal Avon representative account and follow the steps to registration.

Once you're registered, you can activate your account and take advantage of the savings on all of your favourite brands.


Complete a brief questionnaire and take the tour to find out how WOW Benefits work. You can even choose your favourite brands and tailor your account to exactly how you would like to benefit from the Avon Incentive..


You're all set and can start browsing the thousands of great WOW Benefit offers and discounts. You can save the WOW page to your phone or laptop so you can take a look at any time you wish.

Don't forget to invite your five friends or family to Avon's WOW Benefits, too. You can send your personal link to 5 of your closest friends so they can start saving a fortune on their shopping sprees, too!

Good luck x

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