Is working for Avon for me? YES!

Where else can you work where you choose your own hours, be your own boss, without a single element of risk - at all? Yep, only Avon offers these opportunities with incredible career progression to boot.

At Avon you can work as little or as much as you want, depending on how quickly you want your business to grow.

Wanting a holiday away with the kids this year, earn a little more. Wanting to upgrade your family car? Earn a little more. It really is so simple.

The opportunities with Avon are endless. Not only can you earn a decent salary, but you ca go on the achieve so much more through their reward schemes such as holidays and cars!

You have the power to make 2016 the very best year yet for you and your family. And now, it's never been easier to join Avon UK or gain more customers thanks to the conduit of Skype, FaceTime and your personalised online store.

If you're wanting to go ahead and say hello to a whole new career and lifestyle, just get in touch with me on the number above or ant one of the other social mediums.

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