Selling Avon - it's so easy!

By making the decision to join Avon, you'll benefit from working flexible working hours while earning a great income that can help towards holidays with the kids, a new car, even a new home.

It's not easy finding a job that works around you and your other commitments. Something that fits in with your life and not the other way round.

Unlike many other working from home companies, with Avon there's no expensive sign-up fees. In fact, should you join Avon, you'll have nothing to pay upfront.

You apply to sign up to Avon and your joining fee is a small £16 and this isn't taken until you've successfully ordered from your first two campaigns - you see, absolutely nothing to lose!

The easiest way to really get your new Avon business off to a flying start is to let everyone know about your new business venture. This includes friends, family, neighbours, schoolyard pals and everyone on your Facebook page.

The beauty with sellin Avon is that there's actually no selling involved. The high-quality products are already loved around the world. There's no hard sell where you have to convince your customers that what they are buying is value for money, they know Avon products are great already.

You’ll make 20% commission rising up to 25% on all orders; in fact, there’s unlimited earning potential - it really all depends on how how many customers you drum up both in your designated area and online.

There are unbelievable incentives for those who are prepared to put in the hard work - including holidays and cars.

Working for Avon can really do wonders for your self confidence and self esteem, too. getting out and about, meeting new people really feels like a boost. Finally, you're able to say that you're doing your own thing. Something for you.

You’re just three easy steps away from getting started on your avon journey:

1) Sign up to Avon here.

2) Share the Avon brochure with all your friends, family members, neighbours and fellow parents at school. You don’t have to sell only to people you know or don’t.

3) Place your customer's Avon orders and deliver the products back to your customer.

4) Collect payment from your Avon customers, pay Avon and then pay yourself!

And that’s it. It’s such a simple way to add to your income, on your own terms. You can even sell Avon exclusively online now too if delivering brochures proves too difficult.

Don't forget that I am always on hand to offer as much support and guidance you need, all you have to do is get in touch.

Berni xx

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