Struggling to find 'The One?'

Most of us struggle to find the right foundation for our skin at some point. Our skin alters as we age and it alters with the changing of the seasons and all manner of things such as illnesses and central heating can also dictate whether our skin is dry, oily or combination so it's no wonder it can be a bit of a minefield choosing the right one.

Below is a table from our Experts at #Avon to help you to choose the ideal foundation for your skin. The Avon whipped matt foundation for example is no good for dry skins, however the Ideal Flawless Invisible coverage foundation is perfect.

If you need all day coverage and your skin is normal or combination, then you will find that the extra lasting liquid foundation will do the job for you.

Want a very light coverage but need to damp down some redness in your skin? Avon's CC Cream is perfect for you.

Feel free to comment below and we will be in touch with tips and advice.

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