How to share Your Online Avon Brochure via your AvonOn app

Initially what you need to do is to head on over to your app store and download the AvonOn app. If you already have the app please make sure you have updated it. Each time you are prompted to update it you must make sure you do it straight away. It takes seconds but is essential because the Avon Online Brochure is very new and updates and modifications are being made as I write so it's essential you do update when prompted.

The first thing you'll see once in there is a picture of your current online brochure to share, click on "see more". That's just a picture so no point in sharing that. Once you've clicked on "see more" you'll scroll down and see everything that's available to you - and there is absolutely tons of stuff on there to help you make a real success of your Avon business online. To share the online brochure with everyone though, what you need to do is as shown below. you'll need to click on "share now". I've enclosed below a diagram of where to click., join avon uk, berni broadley, prestige leaders uk, avon uk,

Once you've clicked on this, depending on what device you're on, you'll be given the option to share as shown above.

Now you really need to share this with everyone you know via WhatsApp, facebook, facebook messenger etc etc. Even email it out to people. We have such a wide range of fabulous products there is something for everyone in our Avon brochure. Why not share it with everyone? Don't keep our fabulous quality and value all to yourself!!

Here's an example of what you can say when sharing the brochure to keep it personal and friendly:, join avon uk, berni broadley, prestige leaders uk,

So there you go. Your customers can shop on this online store and pay at the checkout.

Avon make the delivery while you Earn Commission! It really is as simple as that!!

Berni Broadleyx

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