Save for those Special Items with Avon

Join Avon UK here today and of course the extra money you earn will help you pay for this most expensive time of year - Christmas - and what’s more - as an Avon representative you’ll get lots of special offers with your very own trade magazine, the ‘first look’ brochure which is updated every 3 weeks.  

As an Avon Representative you will  also get access to your very own online  ‘outlet store’ where you can get unbelievable bargains to help you buy for loved ones, family, and even get great teachers christmas pressies at prices that won’t break your bank. 

Here’s a few testimonials some of our Avon UK representatives: 

Avon Rep Beci was able to pay for her family’s longed-for holiday thanks to her Avon biz : 

Here’s what Louise shared with us about one of the things she was able to buy thanks to becoming an Avon Rep : 

Avon Rep Jackie found Joining Avon enabled her to get her whole house decorated:  

And finally, here’s what Avon Rep Angharad shared with us when we spoke to her: 

So why not Join Avon today? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! From camper vans to trips at the zoo to simply financing Christmas 2017.  

I always say thanks to my Avon business I never have to worry about Getting through another Christmas again!   So drop me a line and I’ll show you how easy it is to #EarnwithAvon

Speak soon!

Berni x 

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