Christmas is Coming! Get Earning Now!

Beat the rush! Get on board as an Avon Representative now and save yourself £££'s in our trade magazine buying Christmas presents for your loved ones and Earn yourself £££'s to pay for Christmas presents you need to buy from elsewhere.

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But don't just take my word for it. Here is Alison's story:

With four kids and a really tight budget I knew I had to do pull something out of the bag if I was going to make the rent this Christmas. I didn't want my kids to go without but some of the stuff they wanted was way beyond my budget. I couldn't ask their dad to help because he - well, he just wont - he doesn't even believe in Christmas so I knew it was all down to me.

- Then I saw an ad on face book asking for Avon Representatives. It also said we could sell online so I didn't have to do the door-to-door selling if I didn't want to.

- Well, my memories of Avon, although very fond were of mum buying it at the door and me getting to check out the perfumed pages and getting the odd treat such as Avon Far Away body cream.

- The ad said that Avon had changed and asked Had I seen Avon lately? well, I thought, no I haven't seen avon lately. Maybe this could be the answer. If I got on board now as an Avon rep in October that would give me time to get established in time for Christmas and the ad said that "Avon is Christmas". I was intrigued - and I was really interested in the trade magazine too and the fact that I could sell all over the UK online as I am quite good on social media. I started to really believe that this might be the answer and that I might actually be able to Become an Avon Rep.

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- I decided to reply to the "Join Avon UK" advert. Within 24 hours I received a phone call from a lady who got me signed up via video link that same day!

- She explained everything really well and helped me set up my online shop so that I could start promoting myself on social media straight away whilst I was waiting for my 'business in a box' which contained my first two packs of Avon brochures, introductory booklets and a few little goodies.

- For the first time in months, instead of feeling worried about Christmas, I was really excited.

- Later that day, I logged on to my personal Avon website and was really chuffed with the amount of support, advice and information on there to help me get going with my brand new Avon business.

- When I got my Avon 'business in a box' and had a little look at the Avon brochures I was to give out to customers, I was staggered at the huge range of products I could sell! I hadn't seen an Avon brochure for years, so was pleasantly surprised. Avon has it all! There wasn't just loads of skincare and make-up but there was literally Something for everyone!

Join Avon UK, become an avon rep, join avon

- I asked Bernie to give me some roads to cover because I wanted to give everything a go. With internet selling all over the UK, selling locally with the brochures and selling to the mums at school plus friends and family I reckoned I could give it a good go. I was right!

- The Avon trade magazine is a fantastic perk too! I got my two younger children all of their Christmas presents out of there

- I was soon earning enough extra money to comfortably be able to afford to buy my older two teenagers what they wanted for Christmas.

- I have now been with Avon for about a year and can honestly I am so grateful I decided to Join Avon. Christmas is now a joy and I don't have to stress about affording presents for everyone because now I know I can. I'm now considering taking my Avon business to the next level as a Co-ordinator which I'm really excited about.

Ali x

Well, you've read what Alison has to say so why don't you give me a call?

Join Avon UK here and take the stress out of your Christmas 2017 and beyond!

Berni xx

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