5 Tips for Avon success

So you have spoken to your sales leader, you've signed up and you have your Avon brochures at the ready, but what's the best way forward?  Well here are some great tips I've picked up in my 7 years as an Avon Rep:

1) Make sure you have opened your online shop. Once you've opened it (it's a straightforward 5 step process but if you're worried contact the person that started you up with Avon and they will show you how to do it).  You are missing a trick if you don't do this as you can potentially get loads of customers by promoting this online on social media.  There is tons of  promotional material on there provided by Avon to help you. 

2) Cover  territory. Ask the person who signed you up to allocate you some roads. 

3) Tell absolutely everyone you know that you are now an Avon Representative.  Text all your friends and family.  Post on social media.  

4) Carry an AVON brochure with you Everywhere you go! People LOVE AVON !!  Be confident and positive because confidence sells!! 

5) Persevere:  Rome wasn't built in a day.  Businesses aren't built up in weeks.  It sometimes takes months to build up a customer base especially on roads.  research has shown that many people will wait to see if you come back before they will order from you.  To create a good image make your order forms look professional.  Invest in a stamp or stickers with your contact details on. Be clear about when you want your Avon brochure back and when you're going to deliver. Be reliable. Be confident and smile! 

That's it for today.

Happy selling!! 

Berni x 


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