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Here is a short testimonial summing up my Avon journey so far. The reason I wanted to do this is to show you that with Avon it really is possible to build a thriving business and achieve your goals. At 48 years old, I literally felt that I was on the 'scrapheap' job-wise until I found this Avon opportunity and with hard work, determination and my Avon business I have been able to forge a very successful career and I now lead a huge Avon team. My confidence has gone from zero back to the real me and I am here to say to you "If I can do it, so can you!" So here goes:

My name is Bernadette Broadley and I am 54 years old. I have four children and 2 grandchildren. My older three have now all grown up and 'flown the nest'. It is now just me, my hubby and Kyle (now 13) at home.

My journey with Avon started because I was trying to get hold of the Avon perfume 'Far Away' for my daughter, Becky (who was then 17). I had no idea where to get it from, so thought "well, if no one is doing Avon around here, why don't I give it a go?" When I searched the internet and started looking into it, I noticed the "Avon Sales Leadership" opportunity. It made perfect sense to me to be both an Avon representative and sales leader.

I'd receive two separate incomes. So I applied and became an Avon Lady.

I had very little training or support when I first started out. This is not the case nowadays though I have to say. Avon have a fantastic support network in place these days for all new sales leaders and my new sponsors are very supportive, in fact I regard them now as good friends. There also now is extensive online training for all new Avon Representatives and Sales Leaders, as well as regular meetings held locally and nationally, which you can choose to go to but they are not obligatory. My Avon Sales Leadership business took a little while initially to get going, as most direct selling businesses do, but I learnt from my mistakes. I did everything the hard way but sometimes that's a good thing. It wasn't 'handed to me on a plate' and I had to really fight against all the criticism being levelled at me by cynical but well meaning family and friends. But I believed in what I was doing and just kept going.

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I am naturally quite a shy person, but once I set my mind to something I have a very steely determination. I have always been very stubborn but I have had tough times during my life and I think this 'toughens' you up - makes you more persistent and determined. Sometimes it is useful to have had experience in life - good and bad. Among my most difficult times were when I was 30 when I left my then husband, taking my 3 young children with me. With three children under seven, zero self esteem after 9 years of abuse, and no income, it was literally 'sink or swim'. I just had to get on with it and I retrained as a beauty therapist and teacher/trainer, obtaining my PGCE while working two jobs. I guess you could say that was quite 'character forming!'

So back to modern day and my Avon journey. After around 2 years, my business really started to pick up pace. I was awarded the UK's Top Avon Advanced Sales Leader Award. I was awarded £1,750 worth of gift vouchers - amazing! I was so proud and thrilled that my hard work was being recognised.

A year later, I was ranked 5th in the prestigious "top 20 UK AVON Sales Leaders", rewarded with a trip to Marrakech: All expenses paid!! That year my team achieved an unprecedented 400%increase in sales in just 12 months! I also won the 1st prize as Top Executive Sales Leader in the UK. I was rewarded with 2 Louis Vuitton Hand luggage and £500 worth of shopping vouchers. Very nice thank you!

I have also been awarded 1st place as: Top Executive Avon Recruiter and Highest Avon Executive Increase in Earnings. What a year!! Once again, I am so proud that my faith and hard work paid off. I have since been awarded with a holiday in Tenerife, a holiday in New York and a holiday in the Algarve, and next year, so proud to have finished 4th for an all expenses paid trip to Seville staying in an exclusive top star hotel!! WOW!!

One of the Highlights of my Avon career so far is being awarded Avon Team of the Year. I feel this is such a massive achievement because it's not just me that achieved this, it's an award for the whole of my Avon team and it was an incredibly proud moment being presented with this award in 2015.

Avon, Join Avon, Become an Avon Rep

I am here to say "If I can do it, so can you". When I first started out with Avon I knew nothing about network marketing. In fact I knew very little about Avon if I'm really honest, and since I've learned everything the hard way, I reckon joining my team would be a good move for you, as I am in a position to let you know all the 'pitfalls' and what will work for you to help you grow a successful business like mine. Or hopefully, more successful than mine!! With Avon the sky is the limit. Apply Here today and say Hello to the rest of your life with

Team Berni Broadley: www.applyreps.co.uk/contact-apply

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