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Recently quite a few of my Avon team have been asking me for ideas on how to have "Avon parties". When you Become an Avon Representative you are not tied to doing any particular format so you can make things as formal or informal as you like.

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It's important to tailor your Avon party to what you feel comfortable with as well as what you believe your guests might like. You can choose a 'coffee morning' format, an afternoon 'toddlers playtime' format (ensure any display products are kept out of tiny hand's reach though!!) or an evening format where guests can relax and unwind with you with a glass of wine or two! An ice breaker is often a good idea. My personal favourite is the "right left" game. Basically give 2 or 3 of your guests an Avon product (wrap it up to make it more fun) and tell them that every time you say "right" they must pass the product to the right. Every time you say "left" they must pass it to their left. The person/people left holding the Avon product when the game is finished gets to keep it!

Here is an example of a little story you could use:

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When I left my house this evening, I had to jump over the dog who was lying right in my way. When I got to my car, I realised I had left my mobile phone behind. I had to go back in to the house - the dog was right in my way again but there was my phone, to the right of my coffee cup right where I had left it. I jumped right over the dog again, locked the front door and carried right on to get into my car. As I left my driveway, I had to wait a while for the traffic to clear - always busy at this time - checking right then left, right, left, right, left - finally there was a break in the traffic and I put my foot right down so I didn't get trapped in my driveway again. "Now, what were the instructions to get to the house again?" I thought. It was right for me to have written it down. I dug right down deep into my left pocket and the piece of paper I'd written them on was right there. "Get onto the motorway, take the first exit and keep right, carry on to the next junction and take a left, then take the 3rd turning off the roundabout, then left at the "left hand" pub and left at the next junction, right at the traffic lights and its number 87 on my left." I parked up right outside the front door, grabbed my Avon goodies and Avon brochures and knocked on the door. Mrs. Wright answered the door, and all that was left for me to do was to get started!!

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People often ask whether they should give their hostess a gift for having the Avon party or commission. I personally give my hostess a discount on her own Avon order according to how much I sell on the night/as a result of her party (if she has guests that were unable to make it, give her a couple of brochures to give to her guests that didn't come and if she gets you more orders that way, add that to the total discount you give her). I would give her 20% of all the sales to make it worth her while and to encourage others to have a party. 20% of £100 means that she would get £20 worth of free orders but you have sold an additional £100 worth of products and gained more customers for yourself for the future.

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If you want to drum up more Avon parties from this one, tell all your hostess's guests that they will get a free gift for booking a party with you on the night and so will your hostess. The more people that book an Avon party, the bigger the free gift your hostess of the night (their friend) will get. Ensure they all get their gifts when the party takes place and not before. You don't want to hand out free products unless they actually go ahead with their Avon party.

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Stress to your hostess that it's all about the products and not to worry too much about preparing food. Just a few nibbles and drinks is perfectly fine. You want people looking at and discussing your avon brochures and products, not your hostess's culinary skills!

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On the subject of products. Just have a handful of products on display that you have purchased out of the Avon first look brochures and invest in some samples too. That could pay dividends. Try to ensure everyone has a book each to browse through on the night.

If you are a sales leader, why not see if anyone on the night wants to #workfromhome and #JoinAvon?

Watch this space for more Avon advice soon.

Berni x

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