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You keep hearing Avon has changed but how has Avon changed? You have heard that more and more men are taking up the opportunity to sell with Avon! Is it Easier to sell now? Have the products changed? Is it Easier to Earn With Avon now? Well All Of The Above....... and some ......

So let me first tackle the rumours that a lot more men are selling Avon now?

Well I have several men in my Avon team and my top seller has this to say:

"I look at it this way. Avon is a business - a well known and established global company that has quality products to sell at affordable prices. When has it ever been more relevant than now when we are all in the middle of a pandemic looking to both earn and save money. I am selling products to my customers! I couldn't care less whether I am selling lipstick or car parts as long as I am making money and my customers are happy. And I can tell you I am doing very nicely thank you. I can't believe I didn't look into selling Avon sooner! I wish I had but I am here now at least!!"

So now to the question of Is Avon easier to sell now. Well to be honest personally I do feel Avon pretty much sells itself. Obviously we have to let potential customers know about our great offers etc. and get the word out there but I guess the answer is yes it is easier to sell now because of our multi-channel selling. We still have the beloved Avon brochure but we also now have online brochures and online stores from which customers can purchase their products and pay for them at the checkout and we still get paid our commission.

Have the products changed? Well, yes and no. we still have our 'old favourites' such as the 'magical' Skin So Soft as well as the ever popular lavender sleep mist & sleep balm and of course the divine smelling Far Away and Little Black Dress perfumes. Avon is constantly innovating and moving forwards and keeping up with the latest trends and developments so we now have our very first Vegan, Clean beauty range Distillery. These products are absolutely beautiful. I was on the trial and I can tell you the cleansing balm (clean break) is the best I have ever used and I am 58 years old!

Avon Distillery have also now released a soothing CBD serum which I can also highly recommend.

Another innovative product launched in 2021 is the ADAPT range for ladies who are peri menopausal and menopausal. A beautiful night cream, a day serum and an icy cooling elixir mist. I was also on the trials for this product! Absolutely amazing! The icy cooling elixir has been PROVEN to cool the skin down. The night cream is fabulous and the serum goes nicely under your favourite day cream and is absorbed instantly! Featured in recent magazine articles it's another winner from Avon's amazing laboratories!!

So yes I guess you could say the products have changed but we are smart enough to know to keep everyone's old favourites such as Black Suede After Shave, the Anew Skincare range and others including the products mentioned above.

Add to this the fact that we are the first Global Beauty Company to stop experimentation on animals with all of our products abroad including China and you can see that we have a very strong cast iron brand!

And what of this "earning opportunity". you keep reading about online? Well the Earning Possibilities with Avon have been completely re-vamped!! You now earn from the first £1 worth of products you sell and commission goes up to a whopping 30% as a Rep and if you decide to become a Rep Leader can increase to 38%!!

As a leader your average earnings will just grow according to how big you want your team to be. You no longer have to have a team of 5 to be a leader. You only need 1 person in your team to start earning extra commission, bonuses and a top up on your own commission (t's & c's apply so ask me for more info if you think this might appeal to you)

So in short I believe this is the best Earning Opportunity out there and what's more you can get started today!!

Berni x

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