12 more ways to boost your Avon sales...

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Are you an Avon Representative looking to improve your sales? Or are you looking to Become An Avon Representative? Here are some more tips to help you either way:

(1) Offer a discount or free gift to anyone that refers a PAYING customer.

(2) Review your past Avon orders and call your customer when their favourite or regularly purchased products are on sale.

(3) Flag your Avon brochures to highlight some of the special offers.

(4) Clip and keep any articles about Avon products from National Magazines (cosmo, redbook, elle, vogue, ladies home journal, etc.) that recommend Avon/Mark Products:

Click here for an article about Avon's E-defence cream

(5) Always give samples of new products being introduced to the Avon brochure… it is best to give these out when the product is featured on the front cover.

(6) Always put forth an UPBEAT, POSITIVE attitude about your AVON business...

It sells!

(7) Always have the latest Avon perfume in your bag… you will be surprised how often the opportunity to demo your perfume arises.

Avon, Join Avon, Become an Avon Rep, How do I become an Avon Representative

(8) Always include your contact details and delivery date on your customer's Avon order slips… people like to know who they’re buying from and when their order will be delivered.

(9) Give your customers confidence in buying from your brochure by making them aware of the amazing Avon returns policy.

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(10) Print the customer canvassing leaflets from your sales kit on your Avon UK website and post these through every door in your area.

(11) Always have an Avon brochure in your bag at school time… word soon spreads and before you know it you will have a few of the mums up at school asking you for an Avon brochure.

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(12) Give Avon Products as gifts at Christmas or for birthdays… most Avon products are repeat products which means your friends and family will need to place an order once they have ran out.

BONUS TIP: Hold a charity 'open day' and ask your customers, friends and family to all bring at least 1 friend with them. Offer a raffle prize. . Donate the profits from that day and the raffle to charity. The extra business you will drum up owing to it being a charity event will make it worth your while giving up your time for your chosen charity. And you will feel fantastic knowing that you have done some good with your charity donation that you make. Why not raise funds for Avon's Speak Out Against Domestic Violence charity? Or their crusade against Cancer?

Avon, Join Avon, Become an Avon Rep

I'll be back with more tips soon! Want to know about how to Become A Representative? Give me a call, or drop me a message below. I'm always happy to help. Berni x

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