Become an Avon Rep in the UK with our Prestige Representatives & Leaders

As you may or may not know when you Join Avon in the UK you will join a team. Our Avon Team has been established now for 10 years so I thought I would mark the occasion with a new logo. Between us all here at Prestige Reps HQ we have years of experience and knowledge within the industry - many coming over to Avon from other MLM companies bringing with them a wealth of experience in sales and marketing.

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Since we established ourselves as an Avon UK Team back in 2010 we have grown from strength to strength. I am proud to say that many of our Reps and Leaders have been with me from the outset and are still growing their Avon businesses at their pace and getting out of the business what they want. We do really pride ourselves on our strong team spirit and giving the best possible support to each and every single member of our team and I believe this is the secret of our phenomenal success.

Every single representative and leader within this team wants something different. Some want to build a small customer base and earn a little extra while others want to build a business empire. The beauty of this business is that you do as little or as much as you want with the support of your team and of course the wider team that is Avon UK. It's a cliche I know but teamwork really does make the dream work!!

No matter how big or small you want your Avon UK business to be, we will support you in building your Avon Empire! Just as a few examples, Under the Umbrella of Team Prestige Reps & Leaders are:

George's Avon Team, Avon Team Blossom and Grow, Avon Team Angie Simmonds, Avon Addicts, Tony's Superstars, Kym's Sparkling Team, JobReps, Marie's Marvels - to name just a few that you might well have heard of.

Not only that but Team Prestige Representatives and Leaders is within the strongest and largest network in the whole of UK.

Our team of Avon Prestige Representatives hail from every corner of the UK (I am proud to say at this point that we hold the record for highest ever growth over 1 year (400%!). This record will actually never truly be matched because we achieved this back in the days when we had to travel all over the country to sign up new team members).

Now of course we all have the luxury of being able to sign up new team members from the comfort of our own home via video calls which is an amazing development that Avon made a couple of years ago and has really helped with the resurgence of popularity of this iconic and unique business. I do believe that Avon is not only the original but also the best (that's just my opinion but then again I am biased as this business has given me a lifestyle I could only have dreamed of 10 years ago).

Avon is constantly innovating and moving with the times which I believe is one of the biggest reasons for it's worldwide success, after it was first established in New York by David H McConnell all those years ago in 1886.

So if you would like to join a team that guarantees you all the support and training you need to grow your Avon business, our multi award winning Avon Team of PRESTIGE REPS & LEADERS is a great place to start: Click Here and we will be in touch. #workityourway

If you'd like me personally to contact you and discuss further how we can help you grow your AVON business, please state in the comment box.

Berni x

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