How Do I become an Avon Representative Online in 2019? Frequently Asked Questions.   (It really is a

1) How do I become an Avon Representative in the UK? The process is now simpler that it's ever been! And, by the way, actually being and Avon Representative is simpler than it's ever been too!

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2) Do I have to drop Avon brochures around lots of houses?

Sometimes people will raise objections to me such as "all that trekking around picking up brochures....." well that is no longer the case! You can now sell your Avon products entirely online if that's what you prefer to do via your Avon online store and Avon instant brochures. Well of course if you want to drop brochures locally that is entirely up to you. Many many extremely successful Avon Representatives sell thousands of pounds worth of products every week doing just that, but Avon understand that isn't for everyone so you can literally sell Avon anywhere, anyhow and anytime

How do I become an Avon Rep?  Join Avon UK

3) How do I sign up to Avon UK online? Well firstly you'll need to apply either online or to a local sales leader you know. You will then be contacted by an Avon Sales Leader who will ask you to fill in their recruitment form/application form. (The old Avon Area manager role no longer exists. It is solely self employed Avon sales leaders that recruit people into Avon UK now and they stay as their Upline so are there for your constant support should you need it)

How do I become an Avon Rep? Avon. Berni Broadley

4) Do I need to have anything to hand to prove my ID if I want to sign up to Avon UK? You will be asked to show your potential Avon up-line 2 forms of ID to prove that you are who you say you are. As this can now be done by video call and doesn't have to be in person so you can sign up literally anywhere!!

5) How do I get my own Personal Avon website? You will then complete the sign up with your new Avon up-line who will give you your Avon account number and help you set up your Avon online site, page and your Online Avon Shop and will explain to you how everything works. You will have that person's contact details so that you can go back to them anytime if you need anything or have any further questions.

How do I join Avon UK? Avon. Berni Broadley

How do I join Avon? applyreps. Avon. Berni Broadley

5) Is there any training available from Avon to help me learn how to be a successful rep? Yes, we now have a fantastic rep learning hub with lots of bite sized training videos. It’s great fun and there is no ‘death by PowerPoint’ to worry labour!! In addition to this your upline is there to support you.

6) How do I choose which Avon starter kit is the best one for me? The next stage in the process will be that you will need to choose your Avon starter pack. Avon used to charge a £16 admin fee however they have done away with the start up fee and instead you now choose a starter pack. Which one you choose is entirely up to you. Make sure you choose the pack that works best for you. If you're on a really tight budget the £15 pack might be best for you because you have 2 weeks in which to pay for it so by the time it comes to pay you will have sold enough products to cover the cost.

Personally I love Avon's £30 pack. Over £90 worth of up to the minute Avon products with a tote bag plus all your necessary stationary. But you can see for yourself above the fabulous choice you have of Avon startup packs!

7) How long before I can start selling Avon once I've signed up as an Avon Rep? You can start selling Avon straight away!! Whilst you're waiting for your pack to arrive you can start sharing your Avon online brochure and your online Avon store. Plus as mentioned earlier Avon have now provided their reps with a fantastic learning hub. You can go on there and take all the amazing bite-sized training - So you might well have a ton of orders ready to go in before your startup pack even arrives!

All that remains after this is for you to wait for your starter pack to arrive and get sharing your brochures. It really is that simple!!

Happy Selling!!

Berni Broadley xx

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