How to apply Make-up     (part II)

Following on from part 1. 

So now your skin is cleansed & prepped it is ready for foundation.  This part of your make up regime is a canvass upon a canvass.  It is probably the one thing that is most personal to you, which is why there is a confusing myriad of different products on the market from every make up house on the planet.  

Avon offer a really great range from light tinted moisturisers to products with great coverage such as the flawless finish foundation and the minerals powder.  To decide which is the best foundation for your skin, you first need to know what your skin type is. For example the Avon mousse foundation is not going to work for dry skin.  (I know, I've tried it!) One product that tends to suit all skin types is Avon's mineral powder.  

This product should be applied with a quality brush such as Avon's kabuki brush.  It's also a good idea to get a smaller brush to aid complete coverage on difficult areas of the skin.  

Whichever foundation you choose it's important to ensure that you blend it down into the neck area so that it looks natural.  


1). Always choose a colour as close to your current skin colour as possible (you'll need to use a different product in the winter for example)  

2) Your foundation is not to colour your skin, it's to enhance its appearance and to cover flaws. Blushes, highlighters and bronzers are for adding colour. 

3) Ensure you establish your skin type before choosing your foundation

4) Avoid foundations with pink undertones if you have a naturally reddish skin or red blemishes or if you blush easily

5) Avon flawless finish have a wide range of shades from really dark to really light colours. 

6) Your skin on the inside of your wrist should not be used to find your foundation colour. Always try any foundation out on your outer chin 


7) Where possible get a sample before you buy to ensure it's the right product for you. 

Applying Foundation: 

To apply foundation my new absolute favourite applicator tool is Avon's Precision Make-up sponge.  

I also use this to blend concealer.  It's really fab and a steal at just £6.50.   I love, love, love this applicator sponge from AVON.  

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