How to Apply Make-up     (Part 1)

As a qualified Beauty therapist and Beauty therapy teacher (BTEC, BABTAC, PGCE etc) I understand that the thought of how to correctly apply make up can often be very confusing.   So I thought I would share with you in this Avon Beauty Blog some of the hints and tips I have learned and taught over the years on how best to apply make-up., berni broadley, join avon, become an avon rep

The first and most essential thing to know is that you must make sure your skin has been prepared correctly.  Ensure you have a 'blank canvass' with which to work.  So make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed and toned.  The first step in prepping your skin is to apply eye moisturiser.  I currently use Avon Lift & Firm Eye lift Serum.   Next step is to apply a moisturiser to your face, neck and décolletage - my current favourite is Avon Anew Ultimate Supreme dual elixir.  Personally I find that, unlike with most serums, there is no need to apply a moisturiser on top.  Although everyone's skin is different and behaves differently depending on the time of year etc so if your skin is dry, I recommend you do apply a thin layer of moisturiser on top.  

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Now apply a layer of your favourite make-up primer.  My current personal favourite is Avon's 'Mark' Magix face primer.  Now you are ready to start! 

Start with concealers.   I currently use Mark CC Concealer Pencils.  To soften and conceal dark circles, I use the Mark yellow pencil (find a shade that matches your skin or is slightly lighter).  Blend gently with your ring finger and blend under-eyes, and to the inner part of the upper eye area if necessary.   A top tip here with concealer is don't carry it right across the under-eye area.  The skin here is very thin and if you have too much product on there, it will crease and wrinkle giving you an 'aged' appearance, so it's best to apply at the inner corners of the eyes and blend gently outward.  Areas of heightened redness can be dampened down by applying a green colour to neutralise.  Again, I use Green Mark Pencil applicator and blend gently.  To illuminate the skin use the Mark Lilac Pencil at the top of your cheekbones & blend. 

Now you are ready for Foundation/Mineral foundation.

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