Avon Team Prestige Representatives and Sales Leaders

Wow! Hard to believe that it’s already 10 years since I founded Team Prestige!!

What a journey it’s been so far and we’re far from done. We grow year on year, month on month. We have collectively won holidays, awards, vouchers, designer handbags and jewellery as well as the coveted Avon Team of The Year in 2015!

Since those early days Avon has changed dramatically Becoming more accessible online and to all age groups and people are beginning to realise that network marketing really can be a flexible earning opportunity. Certainly I have earned more with this business than I ever could have thought possible at my age!

People from all walks of life are realising how easy it now is to Earn With Avon.

Here are just a few of our Team Prestige Reps and Leaders achieving one of our many team incentives:

If you‘d Like to know more about joining Avon with Berni‘s Team Prestige drop me a line on Facebook or apply direct here: www.prestigereps.co.uk

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