The Changing Face of AVON UK.....Did You Know..... Some Amazing Facts You'll Be Really Surprised

1) Your Avon Rep can now sell entirely online if he/she wants to.  Nowadays in 2019 Every Brand New Avon Representative gets given their very own Online Shop absolutely free.  From here they can sell Avon anywhere in the UK!  How?  Because when you get to their online checkout, you can opt for Avon to make the delivery instead of the Avon Rep but - and here's the cool bit - they still earn commission.  Also, once you've signed up to their online store, you will automatically be returned to their store each time you want to buy avon.  So once you are assigned an Avon Rep, they will stay your rep.  

2)  Your Avon Rep can also order your products for you at any time during their 3 week selling period (we call this 3 week period a selling campaign).  There is no longer an 'order date' - just a 'cut off' date. So you no longer have to wait until delivery day.  You can get your Avon favourites within a few days of ordering them!

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3)  When You Become an Avon Rep in 2019, there is no longer a start up fee to pay.  Every New Avon Rep now gets to choose from 4 Amazing starter packs which include all of our best sellers and latest really popular AWARD WINNING products.  These kits are also fantastic value for money (see illustrations below).  This means your 2019 Avon Representative has some amazing products and samples to show you from day 1 of her/him signing up.  Your 2019 Avon Rep is also knowledgeable, as he/she has their very own personal AVON website on which they have loads of training, advice and support.

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AVON, JOIN AVON, Berni Broadley
avon, become avon rep, join avon, avon uk

Do you want to buy some of our Amazing products?  Click here: BUY NOW

Or perhaps the new-look 2019 Avon sounds like something you would like to try?

Why not drop me a line to find out more?

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Berni x



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