Your Summer Essential.  Avon skin so soft dry oil body spray will help you keep the bugs at bay this

Don't leave home without your Avon Skin So Soft dry oil body spray.  As well as being a fantastic moisturiser (when you leave the shower, spray on while skin is still damp to lock in the moisture) this fantastic little bottle of magic stuff will keep the mozzies away as well as keeping the horseflies off your horses!

Avon   Join Avon Avon Skin So Soft

Make sure you choose the Original "soft and fresh" bottle!  

There are hundreds of other uses for your skin so soft spray: 

It even gets rid of nits!  (Spray on washed, wet hair, comb through with a nit comb and rinse off.  Repeat a few days later.)

Why not stock up so that you never run out of this amazing stuff!! 

Berni x

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