Get Xmas covered with Avon:

Are you getting in the Christmas spirit yet?  I often say Avon and Christmas go ‘hand in hand’.   Many people Join Avon in the UK on the build up to Christmas because they want to Earn Extra Money for this expensive time of year. 


In my Avon online brochure you’ll find everything you need.  Click on the link above to get Christmas covered with Avon this year.  With swift delivery to your door you can’t go wrong! 

If you fancy earning from home this Christmas and beyond click on the link BELOW and we can get you started as soon as today!!  And also when you join as an Avon Rep you’ll get access to our fantastic trade discount magazine. 


Whatever you would like from Avon whether it’s to earn Extra money or simply to buy Avon I can help! 

Berni Broadley

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