Amazing Avon offer still here

Open to all new representatives!  Remember when you sign up to Avon UK as an Avon Representative you can earn yourself £300 worth of freebies along with your Avon commission

This is a fantastic offer.  With your first order you get to order the AVON 'favourites' pack. 

With your 2nd AVON order as an Avon Representative you can order your free AVON Make-up pack (my personal favourite!) 

With your 3rd Avon Order after you Join Avon UK you get to order the Avon perfume pack which includes some of Avon's high-end skincare products too!  

.....And with your 4th Avon order as an Avon Rep  you get to order for free Avon's exclusive Tabitha Webb handbag (see diagram at beginning of this blog) 

......And if all that doesn't convince you of what a fabulous opportunity Joining Avon UK is right now, head over to our success stories page, simply Click here and we will be in touch with more info for you. 

Berni Broadley   X

#joinAvonUK #avon #Avon

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