Have You Seen This Fantastic Opportunity to Work From Home?

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Avon UK has dramatically changed over the course of the last few years, even months, so if you thought you knew what was entailed in Becoming an Avon Representative then think again!

When you Join as an Avon Representative and/or Avon Co-ordinator, you are technically self employed, so you have our full support and you have lots of free training, advice and information at your fingertips but you are free to work your business your way. So if you want to work from home selling Avon, you can. If you want to hold parties, you can. If you want to drop brochures locally, you can! No strings, no pressure, no boss telling you what to do. The only pressure is the pressure you put yourself under to achieve whatever goals you may have with your fledgling Avon business.

You can now sell avon online, as well as or even instead of distributing the avon brochures around your local area.

You can hold avon parties if you would like to. Avon have a whole host of ideas for you to use when holding avon parties. Here's an example of an ad you could use to promote yourself on social media.

avon.  avon parties

Short on time or never at home or not really wanting to stop in & wait for the Avon sales leader to come to your house and sign you up to avon? We can sign you up to avon today via video link and get you started right away!

applyreps.co.uk, join avon, become an avon rep online

What's more, Join Avon Here and you will get first class support and guidance however big or small you would like your Avon business to be.

avon, join avon, become an avon rep with applyreps.co.uk

When you join our avon team, you'll have exclusive access to our Team's Very Own Make up and Beauty Expert Berni, (Berni is a highly qualified and experienced Beauty therapist, Make up artist and Beauty Trainer) plus lots of team-exclusive literature such as our "How to find and keep your Avon customers" and "How to get off to a flying start" as well as our team events and awards in addition to the great tools and events Avon have to offer you so you can be sure you are in good hands when you Apply to Become an Avon Representative Here

So you see, there is a lot more to Avon than meets the eye! Get in touch today and see for yourself why everyone is clambering for a piece of this amazing earning opportunity!

I look forward to hearing from you soon

Berni x

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