Have AVON Done It Again?!? Is this the most moisturising lipstick EVER?!

Try this amazing new moisturising lipstick from AVON and if it isn't the most moisturising lipstick you have ever tried, return it and get your money back!!

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Personally I've never used lipstick. I've always preferred to use lip salve or lip gloss (but always Avon of course!). I usually find lipsticks either too 'cloggy' (the ones that claim to be moisturising) or too drying. As we get older lipsticks have a tendency to 'bleed' around the outside of our lips too if we're not careful. However, hand on heart, this revolutionary new lipstick from Avon Cosmetics has completely changed my mind! I'm now using lipstick! This lipstick goes on really nicely, doesn't 'clog' as other 'moisturising' lipsticks do and most importantly, it really does moisturise my lips as I'm wearing it.

I'm a complete convert!

I'm so convinced with this amazing new AVON lipstick that I want you to "Take the Avon Challenge" and try it for yourself. If you aren't convinced that this new product from Avon is indeed the most moisturising lipstick you have ever tried, you can send it back for a full refund!! And what's more , you can either order samples in lots of different colours or try it at the fabulous introductory price! Go to my avon store to place your orders now: SHOP HERE


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