New Year, New You?

It's a cliche I know but we are all fired up in the New Year to resolve to do something new, something positive and maybe even something completely different.

A lot of people focus on weight loss, others on increasing their income to make their everyday lives more comfortable. Still others on making new friends and meeting new people.

Join Avon. Become an Avon Rep. Avon Representatives UK.

It might surprise you to know that becoming an Avon Representative would tick all of these boxes for you ... and more....

An an Avon Representative you are able to sell Avon products locally in the traditional way that we all know and love ... in your local area, so giving you the opportunity to get to know your neighbours and new people locally - you can become their "Avon Lady". The fact that you will be delivering your Avon brochures and picking them up gets you out and about socialising and exercising without even thinking about how many more calories you are likely to be burning!!

You can also now sell Avon throughout the UK via your very own online Avon store, where customers can opt for the delivery to come direct to them and you will still earn the commission, so now Avon have hugely increased your earning potential, limited only by how little or how much you share your online shop across social media. As an Avon Representative you will also have the opportunity to increase your earnings even further by becoming an Avon Sales Leader where you earn commission on your sales PLUS bonuses AND commission on your team's group sales and performance.

Still not convinced? Why not read our testimonials and you will see there are many people who have gained a great deal from becoming Avon Reps and still more whose lives have been transformed. In a Nutshell.... Yes, Avon can help you to achieve your New Year's Resolutions and much, much more...

Contact Me Today to find out more....

Berni x

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