Why now is the time to Join Avon

The sun is shining!

Join Avon - Become an Avon Representative

Now is the ideal time to get your Avon Business Up and Running! Why?

Because while the weather is nice you can get plenty of exercise canvassing your roads (to perfect your bikini body!). Not only that, but if you put the time in now establishing yourself as the local Avon Representative while the sun is shining and its easy and pleasant to get out and about, by the time it comes to making Bumper sales in your Avon brochures (the build-up to Christmas starts in September believe it or not!) you will be well established and your customers will know they can trust you to supply them with their favourite Avon goodies on time. You will also be established enough to do one-stop-dropping which will save you so much time when the weather turns cold.

Join Avon.  Become an Avon Rep. Avon

If you are intending to sell your Avon products online, you can promote yourself on face book whilst you are sunning yourself either in the back garden, local park or from wherever you are enjoying the weather. Set yourself up a face book page and promote your Online Avon Shop. Download the many images and promotional videos Avon provide you on your online pages and make sure you post them regularly. Again, by the time the christmas selling starts you will be well established and have plenty of avon customers.

Avon.  Join Avon. Become an Avon Rep

So don't forget, its the Early Bird that Catches the Worm! Join Avon today so that you are prepared and ready tomorrow! Apply to Become an Avon Representative here today and I will make sure you get off to a flying start! Either myself or one of my fabulous Avon Sales Leaders will be in touch to help you.

Join Avon today with my award winning team and you will never look back!

Berni x

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