Avon in 1962

I was browsing online when I came across this AVON advert from 1962. (my birth year) (Click on the image below to activate this vintage Avon advert)

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This got me thinking. Do people know exactly how long has Avon been around? Did you know Avon has been around for exactly 130 years this year? How amazing it is to be a part of a company with such an established and powerful brand name.

Avon started life as The California Perfume Company 130 years ago in the USA. David H McConnell was the founder. He started out selling books to housewives as a travelling salesman! By chance, he decided to add perfume samples to his Book selling as a way to try to encourage his customers to buy his books. He quickly realised the perfumes were more popular than his books! An astute businessman, he also realised that women would sell the perfumes better than he could.

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He set up The California Perfume Company and enlisted the help of a pharmacist to make his perfumes. Then Mr McConnell started signing up women to sell his perfumes. These ladies were the first ever 'avon ladies'.

From here he started to diversify and sell other products. He re named the company after his favourite place to take his holidays, the district of AVON in the UK. And the rest, as they say, is history!! Avon is now a global, multi million dollar organisation, operating in over 100 countries! Little did Mr. CcConnell know all those years ago how significant it was that he employed his army of Avon ladies or how iconic his Avon brand was to become 130 years later!

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Avon Cosmetics came over to the UK around 60 years ago, and during this time Avon UK has diversified and grown into the well know household name that we all know and love. It is without a doubt the most enduring name in the cosmetics world. Avon products are synonymous with both quality and value.

Since introducing Sales Leadership and Team building to the business, Avon UK has grown from strength to strength. I believe it is by far the most attractive and successful network marketing opportunity out there,

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Not only do we earn commission selling our fabulous value, wide range of products to our Avon customers every 3 weeks as Avon Representatives, we can also Earn Money with Avon as Sales Leaders, building our very own team of Avon Reps. We can now sell online as well as the time-honoured traditional ways of selling Avon. And we can actually recruit our new Avon representatives online! I can sign you up today in a matter of minutes by video call.

Avon, Join Avon, Become an Avon Rep

We are still offering Earning Opportunities to housewives, just as Avon did in those early days, but now we are also offering this opportunity to Everyone, men and women alike. The only criteria to Join Avon is that you must be at least 18 years of age. Full training and ongoing support is provided. You can be an Avon representative in your spare time, part time and even full time. So flexible is the Earning Opportunity with Avon cosmetics. Do you fancy giving it a go? You have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain. To find out more, fill in the form below and one of the Avon team will be in touch with you asap.

Berni xx

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