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(Updated 2 Oct 2017) So you are looking for an Earning Opportunity or perhaps you just want to top up your income?  You are considering Becoming an Avon Representative but are wondering if it's worth it.  You've heard of people not making any money.  In fact, Jayne's sister did it and she said she lost money.  But on the other hand you hear about people making lots of money as Avon Representatives and Sales Leaders.  What do you believe?  Who do you believe?  Well, here are some of the bare facts  that will hopefully help you decide what is right for you. 

Join Avon. Become an Avon Rep.

I believe in honesty in sales.  It's a complete waste of my time and yours to dress something up just to get people to join Avon, either you want to give it a go or you don't.  In any case,  I am a very busy mum and grandmother so don't have the time to waste.   I am a very successful Avon Sales Leader with Avon Cosmetics and I have done exceptionally well out of my Avon business so far, so of course I will always shout it from the roof tops how amazing I think the Avon Earning Opportunity is, but I’m writing this blog to try to help you to decide whether Avon is for you. 

So, here goes...So, firstly Avon costs nothing to try.    There is absolutely nothing to pay out up front to Avon, however there is an administration fee of just £16.  But this is not payable until you place your first order, and even then, it is split between your first 2 orders so, in essence, you don't even feel it because it just comes off your first bit of commission.  

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Why do you have to pay an admin fee?  When you Join Avon you will be given your own personal Avon website and you will also be given your own Avon Online Shop from which you can sell all over the UK.  Avon make the delivery and you still get commission (the commission depends on how much you sell in your regular order, but still, not bad for simply clicking a button!)  So it's a very small amount to pay for the amount of work that has gone on behind the scenes establishing an Avon account for you.  Your online shop is crammed with social media support to help you promote yourself and sell online with ease. 

But what about the cost of the brochures? Your first 2 campaign's worth of books are FREE!! Your Avon sales leader will give you your first 2 lots of Avon brochures absolutely free.   This is a sign of their faith in you that they give you these books.  So if they believe you can do it, they must have seen something in you that they feel you can make your new Avon business work.  

After the first 2 campaigns (a selling period of three weeks is referred to as a campaign) you pay for your Avon books.  Why?  Because they are your business tools.  The books are very inexpensive when you consider the quality so are clearly heavily subsidised already.  So Avon are manufacturing the brochures and probably subsidising them.  The more you order the less they cost per unit.  To give you an idea, its approximately £5.50 for 20 but only £8.50 for 50.  Most Avon Representatives re cycle the books amongst their customers eg.  One group of people will have the books for 3 days and then another group will have them for 3 days and it goes on like this for 3 weeks.  Many Avon Reps will ask family and friends to share their Avon brochures for them.  This is what we in the business call "working smart not hard!"  

When you sell Avon don't you have to trek round the streets delivering and picking up brochures all day?  No and No.  Firstly, you can sell Avon by committing yourself to covering some local roads if you want to, but it's not obligatory.  I have ladies and gents in my team who have never covered a road in their life but they are more than happy with their Avon income.   and No - it doesn't take all day either.  

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You will find that if you choose to cover territory it might be time consuming at first because you are establishing yourself as the local Avon person however once you have established your 'round' it takes very little time.  A good friend of mine who was an incredibly successful Avon Representative (who sadly had to give up owing to ill health) once said it's the best hourly rate she has ever earned.   I was new to being an Avon Rep at the time and questioned this because I wasn't yet established and was still finding my feet with my Avon round.  She told me that at first it takes time but once you're established its great fun, doesn't even feel like work, and the hourly rate is great because it takes no time at all to collect and deliver her Avon brochures and products to her customers, many of whom have now become her friends.  I am forever grateful to Hayley for that advice because it was really good to know that it wasn't anything I was doing wrong.  It was just going to take time. Saying that, I have people in my team who make huge sales from day 1 so you really can't call it.  Becoming an Avon Rep and/or Avon Sales Leader is like starting any new business, it is likely to take you some time to build up your customer base/rep base.  

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Is it possible to try Avon and end up losing money?  The business opportunity is set up in such a way that it would be hard to actually lose money if you are genuinely getting out there and showing your brochures around as many people as you can. There are no start-up costs.  The small admin fee is not taken until you place your first order so it comes off your commission.  Your first 2 lots of Avon brochures are free to give you time to establish how many you think you will need in the future.  I have seen time and again people have so much success with their selling.  I have also had people complain they hardly sold anything claiming to have shown their brochures around everyone but when I get to their house to do a second business call, I see the books sitting on the floor next to the table still in their packaging!!   So the only conclusion I can draw from my experience is this:  No, if you are genuinely working and making some effort, you cannot lose with Avon.  

Avon, Become an Avon Rep, How do I sell Avon

Want to know more?  Why not fill in the contact form on this website and I will be in touch for a no obligation chat.  Or call me direct on 07780 000796.  Berni x

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