Who says being a working mum must be difficult?

I have to concede, it's been a little while since I woke with the larks and managed to feed four kids, dress five people and get to work for 9am - stopping at three schools on the way - however, I still remember how difficult it was.

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Thankfully, since I decided to join Avon UK, those struggles have been a thing of the past.

Now that I'm my own boss, my work revolves around my family and other commitments, not the other way around.

And, if that's not a good enough incentive on why you should join Avon UK, surely the cash bonuses, holidays of a lifetime and the luxury cars should be!

join avon uk, work for avon, be an avon rep, working mums

I have been around the world with Avon and drive a car I never in a million years though was possible. And, on top of everything, the salary I earned before I made the switch to working for myself doesn't even touch the uncapped income I now make with Avon.

It's never been easier to start a new path with Avon UK and with my help and support, together with zero start-up costs, you too can say good bye to the stress and hello to a whole new lease on life.

join avon uk, work for avon, be an avon rep, working mums

Do it today, you won't regret it. So many of my Avon team members, independent Avon reps and Avon Sales Leaders, will testify why joining Avon UK is the best thing they ever did and now it's time you did it, too. Get in touch here or give me a call on the number above.

I can't wait to hear from you and start you on your road to Avon success!

Berni xxx

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