Get Your Skin Summer-ready with Avon

Now that spring is on it's way, it's time to prepare your skin. With short sleeves and skirts on their way, not to mention bikinis and cozzies, we thought we would give you some tips on how to get your skin in tip top condition for the great exposure!

Firstly, dry skin brushing before your shower works wonders, not only to encourage your skin to regenerate and bring fresh cells to the surface (exfoliate) but its also great for your circulation so will bring more oxygen to your skin to feed it and help give you a lovely summer glow. Avon do a nifty little body brush. This can usually be found in the Planet Spa range in your Avon brochure.

Next step when you are first in the shower: Wet skin first, then Exfoliate (not every time you shower, but just once per week unless your skin is particularly sluggish, then do twice per week). We like Avon's Skin So Soft Enhance & Glow Luminous Body Scrub for this time of year because it will give you a touch of glow too, however there is a great range to choose from in your Avon brochure.

When you've rinsed your exfoliant off thoroughly, turn to our current favourite shower super-heroes. Firstly wash in Avon skin so soft mineral gems glamorous gold body wash, and then when you are almost finished in the shower, smother yourself in Avon's new skin so soft in-shower moisturiser. As far as we're concerned its a must-have for every shower!

Pat your skin dry and lock in the moisture with Avon dry oil body spray, again from Avon's Skin so Soft range! Or if you prefer, Avon have an amazing range of fabulous body lotions and body butters ranging from lotions for sensitive skin to fragranced ones - check out the Avon Planet Spa range or what about the Avon naturals range with a scrumptious range of fragrances such as strawberry?

Or maybe you would like to use a body lotion that matches your favourite Avon perfume? The choice is endless with Avon.

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