What is Network Marketing?

Avon operates as a network marketing company.

People are always asking me what exactly is Network Marketing? And how does it work with Avon?

I will attempt to explain here how a network marketing company works, with particular reference to Avon because that's what I know, and why I believe the system is so successful.

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When you work within network marketing, your earning opportunity (also called compensation plan) is down to you. You will earn commission and bonuses depending on the compensation plan of the company you are working with. You are self-employed and you are expected to network amongst colleagues, friends and make connections with as many people as you can. You need to be selling a product (be wary of any company claiming to be a network marketing company that asks you for an outlay up-front and/or that isn't selling a product. It is likely to be a pyramid company which are illegal)

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The compensation plan with Avon Cosmetics is on two fronts. Firstly you Join Avon and Become an Avon Representative. As an Avon Rep you Earn commission on your sales. You are also offered the opportunity to build a team. This is your additional earning opportunity. Currently if you opt for sales leadership as well as being an Avon Representative, you will start on Avon's Fast Start programme which is actually phenomenal. It's my opinion that this is the best networking opportunity out there as I go to press with this blog. With Avon, recruiting others into the business is not obligatory. You can choose to become a Sales Leader or you can choose to simply stick with being an Avon Representative.

So, as a team leader with Avon, you are networking - looking for people who might want to earn extra money. It is a fabulous line of work in my opinion. I have always said that I feel it's almost vocational at times because I am offering a genuine earning opportunity to everyone and anyone. No qualifications are needed. Just a desire to Earn Money. And you can #workityourway as we say. That is to say, you can do as little or as much as you want or need, so it works perfectly around a busy lifestyle but can also be an exciting self employed career if that's what your looking for.

I have met single mums who are at the 'end of their tether' wondering how they can earn extra money and provide for their young families but can't afford childcare, and I've been able to offer them the opportunity to earn extra money as Avon Representatives. Some of them have also gone on to become Avon Sales Leaders too. It has given them such a boost in their self confidence and their own ability. It really is a great feeling knowing that you have been able to offer this opportunity to people.

Avon. Join Avon. Become an Avon Rep.

This is what I love about network marketing. Anyone can do it. I always say to my new Avon Reps and Sales Leaders "If I can do it, so can you".

I really am passionate about my business because I have seen it change so many lives. It changed my life to be honest. When I first started out as an Avon Representative in 2010 we were really struggling financially. I decided I needed a higher more full time income so I stepped up to sales leadership. I don't think I would be exaggerating if I were to say that this business kept us from losing our house that we had worked so hard for! I'm not saying its a 'get rich quick' scheme. It isn't. However, as long as you are working at it, it will build and you will be increasing your income month on month.

The beauty of Avon's sales leadership is that as you recruit people into your team, your compensation/bonus/commission depends on how much you are putting into it and how well your team members are doing, therefore it is in your interest to help your team members to succeed. And this I believe is the crux of why networking is such a successful business model. If you don't work on your business ie recruit new team members and help your current team members to be successful, you don't get paid or certainly will earn a great deal less. Unlike in the traditional business where your boss couldn't actually care less whether you are successful in your career or not - in fact he may even see you as a threat if you are too good at your job!

Avon. Join Avon. Become an Avon Representative

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