Should Avon UK Reps be concerned about Avon's merger with Natura? And What have Body shop got to do with anything? If you have been watching the news lately, or even reading the papers you will have seen.....

24 May 2019

... Natura are allegedly 'buying' Avon UK.  This isn't strictly true.  They are to become the majority shareholders in a deal that will be a huge boost to Avon.  Shares have jumped since the news broke that Natura are getting involved.


So who is Natura? 


Natura is a Brazilian company who until recently were South America's equivalent to Avon cosmetics.   


In recent years Natura bought The Body Shop from L'Oreal (the body shop, like Avon, operate a network marketing arm.) and the networking side of that company is thriving under the umbrella of  Natura.


Natura is committed to the network marketing business model and are committed to growing it's influence in this business.  Natura is actually a perfect fit for Avon for this reason. 


"In the know" people at Avon UK are actually very excited about this merger.  Natura can source competitively priced ingredients to help Avon's laboratories produce even more competitively priced quality products.  They are also a much younger company than Avon so have access to state of the art operations, websites etc. 



The future is actually looking very exciting for all things Avon.  Remember Avon is a household name and will never go out of fashion!! 


So if you were thinking of getting on board as an Avon Rep.  Now would be a good time to give us a go!! 


Berni Broadley xx

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