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Barbecue Season? Avon have got it covered

Are you looking forward to enjoying a summer outdoors this year?

Want some clever items to help your barbecues go with a swing?

Look no further than your Avon Representative's brochure. Yes that's right! Our Avon brochures have some fabulous outdoor essentials to make sure your barbies go with a swing. At the risk of repeating myself again: At Avon, we're not just about make up and skin care any more.

Take a look at this clever little item for example: A drinks dispenser that collapses and is easy to find space for when not in use.

Or what about this clever little gadget. Create a tasty dessert in minutes for your guests and their children to enjoy. Attractive Ice Cream Ball for only £12 (RRP £15) Exclusive from Avon. And it will just slot into the dishwasher with everything else when you're done.

Back by popular demand again this summer are Avon's colour changing solar lights so that you can enjoy your evenings with friends al fresco. Attractively fashioned to look like giant flowers. What about lining a path with them across the garden?

Maybe you would like to get these Avon products and more at heavily discounted prices? Have you thought about Becoming An Avon Rep yourself? Drop us a line here at applyreps.co.uk and we will be in touch shortly to discuss How to Become an Avon Rep no obligation.

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