• Berni Broadley

Its Never Too Late To Pursue Your Dreams

At 47 years old, having been out of work for 9 years ( I had lived abroad and been bringing up my 4 children), I was finding that, despite my qualifications, no one was taking me seriously as a candidate for work.

I had lost my confidence so much that I was actually shaking in interviews. Then, quite by chance, I stumbled across #Avon. I did research lots of different networking companies and dabbled with a couple, however, decided Avon was the company for me so decided to Apply to Become an Avon Representative.

No scary interviews. Joining was so easy and there was plenty of support and confidence-building encouragement! Well, 6 years on, at 53 years old, I am running a successful business, and it is still growing, I lead an Award-Winning Team of Avon Sales Leaders and Avon Representatives.

So believe me, It's never too late to build a business and you are never too old to start! I have colleagues who are retired, doing Avon to top up their pension. So My advice to everyone is always Follow Your Dream, whether it's to build a successful business of your own, to learn a new sport or hobby, or to sing on stage in front of Simon Cowell #NeverGiveUp On Your Dreams!!

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